PADI Course Prices
Phuket IDC Thailand

PADI IDC Phuket Thailand: all our courses are taught to PADI standards, all courses and programs are supervised by Platinum PADI Course Richard Reardon winner of several PADI Awards.

All 4 Diving team is internationally recognized being winner of several PADI  Awards for quality of training, customer services projects. We also received different Awards from the TAT (Tourist Authority of Thailand) for quality of training, customer services and environmental projects.

All prices are in Thai Baht – PADI Professional courses
PADI Fees and materials are not included

PADI IDC Phuket Thailand packages

PADI IDC Phuket Thailand propose you these different packages. PADI IDC Phuket Thailand is very flexible, we can tailor made your own package.

Packages Days Included Price
IDC 12 Days Prep AI+OWSI  (PADI IDC) 32,350
Pro Silver 12 Days Prep PADI IDC EFR/CFC Instructor 41,900
Pro Gold 21 Days Prep IDC/CFC Inst. & 5 Spec Instructor 54,200
Pro Gold+ 4 to 6 weeks+ Prep PADI IDC EFR/CFC Inst. & MSDT 66,200

+ MSDT package includes 25 certifications


PADI and EFR Instructor prices
PADI IDC Phuket Thailand prices for PADI and EFR Instructor levels.

PADI Course Days Details Price
PADI AI  – Assistant Instructor 5 PADI IDC part 1 23,800
PADI OWSI – Open Water Scuba Inst. 5 PADI IDC part 2 20,125
PADI IDC 12 39,350
EFR + CFC Instructor 2 12,000
CFC Instructor 1 5,000
PADI Specialty Instructor 1 – 2 from 8,000
PADI MSDT prep (5 specialty Inst.) 20,965
Work Experience 20,000
PADI IDC Staff Instructor 12 22,750


PADI Divemaster Course prices
PADI IDC Phuket Thailand prices for the Divemaster course, we offer two different packages.

PADI Course Days Details Price
PADI Divemaster 12 days Material not incl. 25,000*
PADI Divemaster From 2 weeks Material not incl. 35,000

* For the 12 days option, requisite 40 dives minimum and Divemster eLearning done.


PADI Courses
PADI material and certification included in the price

Discover Scuba Diving 4,800 THB
PADI Scuba Diver 10,500THB
PADI Open Water Diver 13,900THB
PADI Adventure Diver 8,900THB
PADI Advanced Open Water 12,500THB
PADI Rescue Diver 14,900THB
Emergency First Responder 5,500THB


PADI eLearning
Prices are in Australian $ and are paid directly to PADI
(Price updated – October 2016)

PADI Open Water Course $189
PADI Advanced Open Water $175
PADI Rescue Diver $185
PADI Scuba Tune-up $65
PADI Enriched Air Diver $266
PADI Digital Underwater Photographer $185
PADI Dive Theory – IDC prep $138
PADI Divemaster $253
PADI Instructor Development Course $398