PADI IDC Phuket Thailand dates
PADI IDC schedules Phuket

PADI IDC Phuket Thailand: All  4 Diving dates for PADI IDC Phuket Thailand, PADI IDC Staff course, MSDT (Master scuba Diver Trainer). PADI Course Director Richard Reardon organizes and conducts professional levels all year around. PADI IDC in Phuket Thailand every month.

All 4 Diving 5 Star IDC center, the most professional center, PADI IDC Phuket Thailand.

PADI IDC dates 2017 & 2018
PADI IDC schedules 2017 & 2018

PADI IDC Phuket Thailand: PADI Course Director Richard Reardon and All 4 Diving organize and conduct professional levels, PADI IDC in Phuket Thailand, PADI IDC Staff course, MSDT preparation, Specialty Instructor training courses every month

Please find the PADI IDC Phuket Thailand dates for IDC, EFRI, IE et Specialty Instructor…

PADI IDC Staff course start two days before IDC dates
PADI EFR/CFC Instructor on day 8 of every IDC or anytime on request
PADI Specialty Instructor courses start directly after every PADI IDC/IE
Private professional Instructor on request

PADI IDC and IE 2017 / 2018 Dates

2017 PADI IDC / IE Sessions

January2nd -13th14th – 15th
February5th -17th18th – 19th
March5th - 17th18th – 19th
April9th - 21st22nd – 23rd
May7th - 19th20th – 21st
June4th - 16th17th – 18th
July2nd -14th15th – 16th
August6th - 18th19th – 20th
September3rd - 15th16th – 17th
October1st - 13th14th – 15th
November5th - 17th18th – 19th
December3rd - 15th16th – 17th

2018 PADI IDC / IE Sessions

January6th -19th20th – 21st
February3rd -16th17th – 18th
March3rd - 16th17th – 18th
April7th - 20th21st – 22nd
May5th - 18th19th – 20th
June2nd - 15th16th – 17th
July30th Jun -13th Jul14th – 15th
August4th - 17th18th – 19th
September1st - 14th15th – 16th
October29 Sep - 12 Oct13th – 14th
November3rd - 16th17th – 18th
December1st - 14th15th – 16th