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PADI Master Instructor Prep

PADI Master Instructors are dedicated PADI professionals and experienced scuba diving educators who, through hard work, have worked to become valuable members of the instructor development community. We can help you earn the Master Instructor rating by working alongside our full-time PADI Course Director getting more experience Staffing IDCs.

As a qualified IDC Staff Instructor, you have already learnt how to evaluate IDC candidates’ presentations.  During our two-month Master Instructor Prep programme*, you will get extra practice on your evaluation, critique and mentoring skills under the guidance of our award-winning Course Director. As you gain more confidence staffing IDCs, you will also get the chance to deliver one or more of the IDC curriculum presentations to the IDC candidates.  Our Course Director will also give you feedback on your performance, and some tips to help you improve in the future.

We will also help you become more consistent and confident in scoring skill circuits during the programme.  Our IDCs also include extra in-water workshops, and you will help deliver these and evaluate the candidate’s performance.

Phuket IDC Thailand - PADI Master Instructor
Phuket IDC Thailand - PADI Master Instructor in action

PADI Master Instructor – Be ready for the PADI Course Director Training Course

At the end of each IDC, we will give you feedback and advice on your contribution to the programme, again, with tips to help you become more confident and more competent at carrying out the duties of an IDC Staff instructor.  We will then also give you a copy of the IDC Course Report Form.  These forms need to be sent to PADI alongside your Master Instructor Application.  IDC Course Report Forms are also needed for when you apply for a place on the PADI Course Director Training Course – the CDTC.

In between the IDCs, you will also have a chance to team-teach alongside our full-time Instructors to help you work towards the number of certifications you need to become a Master Instructor. During this time we will focus on helping you get continuing education certs, and will tailor this time to suit your needs based on your Student Count Report.

PADI Master Instructor course cost – 45,000 Baht


Not yet an IDC Staff Instructor ? 

If you are not yet a qualified IDC Staff Instructor, we can add an extra month at the beginning of the programme and conduct the IDC Staff Course on an earlier IDC.  The cost of this extended programme would be 65,000 Thai Baht, plus the materials required to become an IDC Staff Instructor* (Course Director Manual and three Evaluation Slates).

Please have a look at our PADI IDC dates and contact us if you are interested in participating in our PADI Master Instructor Prep programme with us at All 4 Diving.

*PADI Application Fees not included