PADI IDC Thailand, Phuket
Scuba Diving Instructor courses

PADI IDC Phuket, Thailand

The PADI IDC Phuket Thailand combine the PADI AI – Assistant Instructor and the PADI OWSI – Open Water Scuba Instructor. As a Divemaster (or equivalent), you will need to complete the full IDC to become an Instructor.

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Our IDC is over 11 days, which is, what our Platinum Course Director find the best. Shorter would make it difficult to offer you remediation before your final exam. Longer, would make the course tiring.

At the end of this 11 days, you will have to attend your final Instructor Examination (IE) to become an Instructor. This exam is over 2 days.

Our PADI Course Director does not have a “second job” at All4Diving, neither is the dive center manager, which allow him to allocate 100% of his time on your course, to give you the best possible experience. You will be free at 4.00pm every day, which give you ample time to have any required personal attention with him and his team at the end of day to ensure you good understanding of the course, therefore, your success at the exam and in your dive career.

Passing the exam is important, but more important is your success as a dive professional. You can be guaranteed to be given all the tools you need for your future, here.

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PADI IDC Phuket Thailand packages

To become a PADI Instructor, you also need to be an EFR Instructor (or equivalent). That’s why you are more likely to be interested in our packages than just our IDC. PADI IDC Phuket Packages include the EFR Instructor course (EFRI) as well as 1 day of preparation (IDC Prep) before your course begin if you have the time to join. It will be a good idea if you are not very confident on your Divemaster knowledge and skills anymore. Our packages also include a lot of cool features

Please find all the price for PADI IDC Phuket packages.

If you don’t have accommodation yet, we can help you find one.


Prices in Thai Baht

PackageDaysIncludedPrice THB
All 4 Pro Silver12 days• IDC prep / Buoyancy Workshop
• EFRi
• Oxygen provider instructor course
• Dive Against the Debris Specialty Instructor Course
• 100% Pass
All 4 Pro Gold17 daysAll 4 Pro Silver plus:
• 5 Specialty Instructor course (on top of the previous ones, 7 altogether)
(Highly recommended: Deep, Nitrox, Wreck, Self Reliant, Navigation.)
All 4 Pro Platinum11 to 12 weeksAll 4 Pro Gold plus:
• 8 to 11 weeks of team teaching
• 25 certifications
• Master Scuba Diver Trainer (MSDT) Certification
EFRi only2 daysEFR Instructor course12,000


Not included in the package:

  • IDC Crew Pack – 19,000 THB (E-Learning, Digital Crewpack, PADI Backpack…)
  • EFRI Crew Pack – 4,500 THB
  • IE Fees – 1,120 AUD
  • OWSI Application fees: 331 AUD
  • EFRI Application fees: 228 AUD
  • Instructor equipment – mandatory during your course and your IE: Dive Computer, Compass, SMB, cutting tool, pocket mask

AUD – Australian Dollar
THB – Thai Baht

PADI IDC-IE Thailand - Phuket

Why choosing us for your PADI IDC Phuket diving career?

We are one of the few PADI dive center in Asia qualified as a PADI Career Development Center. Our fame come from the quality of our professional training, and our devotion to make sure our students will have a successful career. Our PADI Course Director will not just teach you how to pass an exam, but how to be an autonomous, confident, competent and successful Instructor. He will not consider his job finish once you will have your certificate in hands, but once you will have found your first job.

Ideally located, you will find around the dive center a lot of food options, from street Thai market to European style restaurant, a lot of convenient store as well as a shopping mall, for all your comfort needs. All of this, 10-15 minutes walk from the beach, where you can watch sunset on the sea.

You will be doing your PADI IDC course in a large classroom, a 3 levels private swimming pool with a maximum depth of 4 meters and finally, your training dives will be done in some of our favorite dive sites, Racha Noi, with clear and warm water. Good learning condition is very important when taking an IDC course.

By doing your professional training in our PADI 5 Star CDC center, you will integrate one of the most active dive center of Thailand’s west coast, therefore, meet a lot of people that might be important for your dive career.

We want your experience here to be unforgettable!


Included in all the PADI IDC Phuket Thailand:

  • Resident PADI Course Director – Teaching the IDC as a full-time job
  • EFR Instructor course – Primary/Secondary Care and Care for Children
  • Free IDC prep – 1 day of Divemaster Theory and skills revision before the IDC
  • Access to training pool – 3 levels : 1, 2 and 4 meters
  • Mock exam and remediation all along the IDC
  • Extra Open Water and Confined Water Workshops: Rescue, Search and Recovery, Navigation, Knots, CESA…
  • Your open water training in some of our best dive sites, great visibility, warm water…
  • PADI IE Pass Guarantee
  • Photos album of your IDC
  • Assistance for visa
  • Large and comfortable classroom
  • Wireless access at the facility (classrooms and lounge)
  • Language supports: French and English all the time. Other language on demand.
  • Access to PADI library
  • Unique job placement service – Access to our private professional Facebook group
  • FREE use of basic diving equipment during professional packages – BCD, regulator, mask, fins, snorkel, wetsuit.
  • Your PADI Course Director will be with you during the entire IE

PADI IDC Thailand, Phuket dates 2023 & 2024

PADI IDC Phuket Thailand dates for 2023 & 2024, please contact us if you need more information. Possibility to organize private professional instruction with PADI IDC Phuket Thailand courses.


MonthPADI IDC PhuketPADI IE Phuket
January11th - 20th21 & 22
February8th - 17th18 & 19
March8th - 17th18 & 19
April5th - 14th15 & 16
May11th - 12th13 & 14
June7th - 16th17 & 18
July5th - 14th15 & 16
August2nd - 11th12 & 13
September6th - 15th16 & 17
October3rd - 13th14 & 15
November7th - 17th18 & 19
December5th - 15th16 & 17


MonthPADI IDC PhuketPADI IE Phuket
January9th - 19th20 & 21
February6th - 16th17 & 18
March5th - 15th16 & 17
April9th - 19th20 & 21
May7th - 17th18 & 19
June11th - 21th22 & 23
July9th - 19th20 & 21
August6th - 16th17 & 18
September10th - 20th21 & 22
October8th - 18th19 & 20
November12th - 22nd23 & 24
December3rd - 13th14 & 15

How to reserve your next IDC – simply drop us a message.

I’m interested, what’s the next step?

First, get in touch with our PADI IDC Course Director.

He will reply to you within 24 hours and discuss the best option for you regarding your personal needs and goals.

You will then be able to book your course and start your e-learning.

Finally, take your final exam and earn the most valuable certificate in the dive industry, the PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor!


THE PADI IE Phuket Thailand
PADI IE Phuket Thailand: the IE is a standardized, objective evaluation conducted by PADI Examiners from PADI Asia-Pacific Headquarters.


  • Morning
    • Orientation at 7:30AM
    • 5-part theory exam on Physics, Physiology, Equipment, Skills & Environment and the PADI Recreational Dive Planner – multiple choice, true/false, 12 questions on each topic exam
    • PADI Systems, Standards & Procedures exam – multiple choice, open book, 50 question exam
    • Perform 1 Knowledge Development Prescriptive Teaching Presentation
  • Afternoon 
    • Demonstrate a five-skill circuit as detailed by the Examiners
    • Perform 1 Confined Water Teaching Presentation


  • Morning at 8AM
  • – Perform an Unconscious Diver at the surface rescue to demonstration quality
  • – Perform 1 Open Water Teaching Presentation with two skills combined

…and general diving skills and professionalism.

Ending ceremony, now you are a Scuba Diving Instructor !