PADI IDC Thailand, Phuket
PADI IDC Packages

PADI IDC Phuket propose you these different packages. PADI IDC Phuket Thailand is very flexible, we can tailor made your own package. All these professional courses and Scuba Diving Instructor courses are taught by permanent PADI Course Director winner of many PADI Awards.

All the professional courses including PADI IDC are taught at All 4 Diving Academy 5 Star IDC center facilities in Phuket Thailand.

Prices are in Thai Baht (THB)

PackageDaysIncludedPrice THB
All 4 Pro Silver12 days• IDC prep / Buoyancy Workshop
• EFRi
• Oxygen provider instructor course
• Dive Against the Debris Specialty Instructor Course
• 100% Pass
All 4 Pro Gold17 daysAll 4 Pro Silver plus:
• 5 Specialty Instructor course (on top of the previous ones, 7 altogether)
(Highly recommended: Deep, Nitrox, Wreck, Self Reliant, Navigation.)
All 4 Pro Platinum11 to 12 weeksAll 4 Pro Gold plus:
• 8 to 11 weeks of team teaching
• 25 certifications
• Master Scuba Diver Trainer (MSDT) Certification
EFRi only2 daysEFR Instructor course12,000


Not included in the package:

• IDC Crew Pack – 19,000 THB
• EFRi Crew Pack – 4,500 THB
• IE Fees – 1,055 AU$
• OWSI Application fees: 312 AU$
• EFRi Application fees: 215 AU$
• Instructor equipment – mandatory during the 2 days of IE: Dive Computer, Compass, SMB, cutting tool, pocket mask

Please look below to see what is included in the packages.

Our PADI IDC Phuket Thailand is on 11 days

PADI IDC Phuket Thailand: the minimum requirement for a PADI IDC is 7 days. We have extended our PADI IDC Phuket Thailand to 11 days, including different workshops, these workshops are conducted either in swimming pool or in open water training dives, we also have included extra presentations in confined water (at least 4 extras) and open water training dives. We organize also workshops in the classroom. We continuously evaluate you during these 11 days to make sure you will be successful in your PADI IE (Instructor Examination) and the most important in your career in diving as an PADI Instructor/Scuba diving Instructor.

Phuket IDC Video

Included in the PADI IDC Phuket Thailand package:

  • Resident PADI Course Director
  • EFR and Care For Children Instructor included
  • Our PADI IDC Thailand is on 11 days
  • Free optional IDC prep 1 day of preparation before the IDC
  • Access to training pool
  • Mockup IE  1 day before the IE
  • Extra Open Water presentation, confined water presentation, Extra in-water workshops and  Rescue, Search and Recovery, Navigation, Knots, CESA, workshops conducted in confined and open water dives
  • PADI IE Pass Guarantee
  • Assistance for visa
  • Computerized classroom
  • Wireless access at the facility (classrooms and lounge)
  • Language supports
  • Access to PADI library
  • Unique job placement service
  • FREE use of diving equipment during professional packages
  • Your PADI Course Director will be with you during the all IE

PADI IDC / IE dates for 2023 & 2024

2023 PADI IDC / IE Sessions

MonthPADI IDC PhuketPADI IE Phuket
January11th - 20th21 & 22
February8th - 17th18 & 19
March8th - 17th18 & 19
April5th - 14th15 & 16
May11th - 12th13 & 14
June7th - 16th17 & 18
July5th - 14th15 & 16
August2nd - 11th12 & 13
September6th - 15th16 & 17
October3rd - 13th14 & 15
November7th - 17th18 & 19
December5th - 15th16 & 17

2024 PADI IDC / IE Sessions

MonthPADI IDC PhuketPADI IE Phuket
January9th - 19th20 & 21
February6th - 16th17 & 18
March5th - 15th16 & 17
April9th - 19th20 & 21
May7th - 17th18 & 19
June11th - 21th22 & 23
July9th - 19th20 & 21
August6th - 16th17 & 18
September10th - 20th21 & 22
October8th - 18th19 & 20
November12th - 22nd23 & 24
December3rd - 13th14 & 15

Extra training dives and workshops in your PADI IDC:

PADI requires 2 open water training dives, we will do 2 extra workshop dives. In confined water, PADI requires 4 confined water presentations with us, 4 is the strict minimum, we will do as many as needed to make sure everyone master the subject.

  • Workshop in open water for: Ascents and Descents, CESA, Lift bag, Knots, Navigation, PPB, Rescue exercises.
  • In confined water: skills workshop, rescue, CESA, 2 skills circuits
  • In classroom, workshop on planning courses in different areas of the world.

At the end of the IDC, we have added a mockup 1 day just before your PADI IE, during this day, you will practice:

  • Confined Water Presentation
  • Open Water Presentation
  • Divemaster and Standards exams
  • Rescue, skill practice
  • And any subject you wish to review

You are doing a PADI IE for practice just before the real one

Requirement before your start you PADI IDC

  • PADI Divemaster or equivalent.
  • Be certified as a diver for at least 6 months
  • At least 18 years old.
  • 100 logged dives including experience in deep, night and navigation dives.
  • Be certified in CPR training, such as Emergency First Response within the last 24 months.
  • Have a medical certificate not older than 12 month and must be signed by a doctor

PADI IDC Phuket, Thailand

In the PADI IDC Phuket Thailand, there is 2 parts, the first part is the PADI Assistant Instructor and the second part is the OWSI (Open Water Scuba Instructor), these two parts together are the PADI IDC.

This is the schedule we usually have in Phuket, Thailand


  • Morning
    • Orientation at 7:30AM
    • 5-part theory exam on Physics, Physiology, Equipment, Skills & Environment and the PADI Recreational Dive Planner – multiple choice, true/false, 12 questions on each topic exam
    • PADI Systems, Standards & Procedures exam – multiple choice, open book, 50 question exam
    • Perform 1 Knowledge Development Prescriptive Teaching Presentation
  • Afternoon 
    • Demonstrate a five-skill circuit as detailed by the Examiners
    • Perform 1 Confined Water Teaching Presentation


  • Morning at 8AM
    •  Perform an Unconscious Diver at the surface rescue to demonstration quality
    • Perform 1 Open Water Teaching Presentation with two skills combined

        …and general diving skills and professionalism.

Ending ceremony, now you are a PADI Instructor !!!