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Career in Diving Phuket Thailand: What about a life changing experience? If many see scuba diving only as a holiday activity, some will see it as a great opportunity to start a new life, in a beautiful place, doing what they love every day. If you recognize yourself here, you should definitely contact us to talk about it.

All4Diving is one of the few PADI dive center in Asia qualified as a PADI Career Development Center. Our fame come from the quality of our professional training, and our devotion to make sure our IDC candidates will have a successful career. Our permanent PADI Course Director will not just teach you how to pass an exam, but how to be an autonomous, confident, competent and successful actor in the dive industry. He will not consider his job finish once you will have your certificate in hands, but once you will have found your first job.

Our PADI Course Director has conducted, assisted, and supervised Career in Diving packages / scuba diving internships programs and PADI IDCs in Thailand. He trained a good number of successful Dive Center owners, Dive center managers, PADI Course Directors, PADI Instructors and PADI Divemasters around the world.

Our career programs will bring you to any professional level you might be looking for, PADI Divemaster, PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor, PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer, PADI IDC Staff Instructor, PADI Master Instructor and also PADI Course Director.

When training for a new career, keep in mind that the most important for you is not to get your certificate, but learned as much as possible during your PADI IDC course. The more people you will have met, the more dive sites you will have dive, the more confident you will be, the best will be your chance to find a job. Our Phuket CDC dive center will offer you unlimited dives from our great dive boat during your career program, so you can access every day the best dive sites around Phuket and meet many professional of the dive industry in South East Asia.

PADI Phuket IDC Candidates 02

Accommodation – doing a career package means that you will probably stay with us a couple of months. It is important to think about accommodation as it will be part of your monthly budget. We can help you find room, condo and bungalow/house between 8000 and 15000 THB/months depends the area, period, and type of accommodation you are looking for.
Thai food is well known to be delicious and pretty cheap.

Diving gear and equipment – you can use ours (free of charge) during your Divemaster and IDC class, but once an instructor, you will need to own your equipment. We will be happy to give 20% discount in our shop to help you getting your gear.

Have a quick look at the price and time required depending on your level and the goal that you want to reach. The time frame is just to give you an idea but really depends on how many dives you have already logged and what time you would like to spend on your Divemaster course. The price doesn’t include PADI Materials and PADI fees. You can have a look at what they are on this page.

Your Level | GoalDivemasterInstructorSpecialty Instr.MSDTStaff Instr.
Non certified81 700 THB
5 to 7 weeks
119 700 THB
6,5 months
132 700 THB
6,5 months
152 700 THB
9 months
175 450 THB
9,5 months
Open Water67 800 THB
4 to 6 weeks
106 500 THB
6 to 10 weeks
118 800 THB
7 to 11 weeks
138 800 THB
15 to 19 weeks
161 550 THB
17 to 21 weeks
Advanced OW55 900 THB
4 to 6 weeks
94 700 THB
6 to 10 weeks
107 100 THB
7 to 11 weeks
127 100 THB
15 to 19 weeks
149 850 THB
17 to 21 weeks
Rescue37 000 THB
3 to 6 weeks
75 700 THB
5 to 10 weeks
88 200 THB
6 to 11 weeks
108 200 THB
14 to 19 weeks
130 950 THB
16 to 21 weeks
Divemaster41 900 THB
12 days
57 200 THB
17 days
77 200 THB
11 weeks
99 950 THB
13 weeks
Instructor15 300 THB
5 days
35 300 THB
9 weeks
55 050 THB
11 weeks
Specialty Instr.(5)20 000 THB
8 weeks
42 750 THB
10 weeks
MSDT22 750 THB
2 weeks

PADI Divemaster Internship
PADI Divemaster course Phuket Thailand

The PADI Divemaster course

This is the first but the most important course in your diving career. During this course you will obviously refine and learn how to demonstrate scuba skills, learn the dive theory and so on … But most importantly, you will learn how to develop a good judgement regarding dive situation and keep a good attitude with your workmates and our guests every day, which are the two most important thing to have as a dive professional to become employable around the world.

Please bear in mind that the price quoted in the table above doesn’t include the following.

  • Divemaster Crew Pack : 9,900 THB
  • Divemaster Application Fees : 260 AUD
  • Mandatory boat insurance : 1 900 THB
  • Mandatory certified assistant equipment: Dive Computer, Compass, SMB, Whistle, Cutting tool.

AUD – Australian Dollar
THB – Thai Baht

PADI Instructor course & Internship
PADI IDC Phuket Thailand

Diving in Phuket Thailand with All 4 Diving, 5 Star Career Development Center

Many people think that having a job in a tropical island is just a dream….with this course your dream is in your hands, you just have to decide when you want to do it.

The PADI Instructor Development Course (IDC) will teach you how to become a competent PADI Instructor. If you are looking at working worldwide, this is the minimum level you are looking for. In most country you will need to have this qualification to be able to apply for a work permit and make a good living from your work.

Once you are successful at your IDC, you will need to attend an Instructor Examination (IE) conducted by PADI Staff, here in Phuket. Our experienced Course Director will make sure that you are ready to pass this exam on your first attempt.

The price of this course is 44 700 THB except if you have done your Divemaster with us, it will then become 42 700 THB. This price also include the EFR Instructor course (required to become a PADI Instructor) and 1 day of preparation before the IDC if you feel like your Divemaster knowledge and skills are not sharp anymore.

You will also have a free Instructor course on 3 specialties: Dive Against Debris, Oxygen provider and Boat diving.


Please bear in mind that the price quoted in the table above doesn’t include the following.

  • PADI IDC Crew pack: 19 000 THB (E-learning, Teaching materials, PADI backpack…)
  • EFRI Crew pack : 4 500 THB
  • IE Fees : 1,120 AUD
  • OWSI Application Fees : 331 AUD
  • EFRI Application Fees : 228 AUD
  • MANDATORY PADI Certified Assistant equipment: Dive Computer, Compass, SMB, Whistle, Cutting tool.

AUD – Australian Dollar
THB – Thai Baht

PADI Internship in paradise


This course is conducted the 4 days following the end of your IDC/IE and will allow you to teach 5 more specialties of your choice, on top of the 2 includes with your IDC, so a total of 7. We can discuss your choice of specialties during your IDC to see which one will fit you better.

Note: If you are interested on doing either Nitrox, Sidemount or Self-Reliant, please let me know in advance because these specialties required to have the student level before doing the instructor level.

Not included:

  • Specialty Instructor application fees : 131 AUD per specialty

PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer Internship Phuket Thailand
Work Experience Phuket Thailand

Diving in Thailand with All4Diving Phuket, 5 Star Career Development Center

Good numbers of dive center manager are looking to employ Master Scuba Diver Trainer. If you have time and are looking to brighten your resume, you should think about getting this ranking. You will be able to apply for this level once you will be able to teach at least 5 PADI Specialty courses and certified at least 25 students under your name.

The Internship usually takes place over a period of 8 weeks. During this period, you will have the chance to team-teach real students with our Elite Instructors. In exchange of your help, you will be able to certify some of these students under your name until you reach 25. It’s a great opportunity for you to apply your knowledge on the real world while staying supervised. Please note that you will be on the boat most of time so the price of this course will be quickly cover by the breakfast and lunch you’ll have every day for free, not to mention the number of dive and experience you will also get.

PADI IDC Staff Internship Phuket Thailand

Diving in Phuket Thailand with All 4 Diving Academy, 5 Star Career Development Center

As a PADI IDC Staff Instructor, you will become a key member if you are working in an IDC center. Your knowledge will make you a great Instructor and you will be able to assist the Course Director in charge of the IDC courses in your center.

You will learn during your PADI IDC Staff Instructor course, how to evaluate IDC candidates in classroom presentations, in confined water and open water presentations, how to deliver PADI IDC presentations, and how to counsel PADI IDC candidates.
You will also learn how to use the Course Director Manual, so you can teach the Assistant Instructor Course by yourself, or be a valuable Staff member during an IDC.
It’s also a very good opportunity for you to be part of an IDC again without the stress of the exam so you can absorb a lot more information from our PADI Course Director.

This course starts 2 days before the IDC and you will then have to audit the entire IDC. You don’t have to be present for the IE if you are short on time, but it’s always nice to see the success of the people you spent 2 weeks with.


Not Included

  • PADI IDC Staff Instructor Crewpack : 15 000 THB
  • IDC SI Application fees : 214 AUD